Monday, June 27, 2011

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Having a website not only aid in boosting your sales revenue (provided you did it correctly), but also create awareness on your company on going promotion. While the competition is getting stiff, everyone tend to look into different angle to attract move visitor / customer. A little animation here, and a little video there may seems to results in the desire outcome, but these multimedia are often a traffic "hogger".

There is no doubt about it that we tend to get attracted to something that moves, something that is colorful, and something that is lively. In fact that is one of the few aspect one should consider while coming out with their own website. Such element, however tend to be hunger for bandwidth and potentially suck dry a server resources.
That is the reason why I like CDN (Content Delivery Network) or Content Distribution Network. What CDN does is that it will make a copy of these content available in another server locate in another region and this particular server serves only the locals. This way, it will avoid server bottleneck and also increase the website's performance.
Think of CDN as our franchise chain. Imagine if there is only one McDonald's in Malaysia and it is located at Kuala Lumpur, that would mean everyone who craved for McDonald's would have to drive from Penang to KL just to have a bite of it. This will cause heavy traffic jam on the road and the staff would have a hard time serving everyone in short time. So instead, we build more outlet everyone across Malaysia, now everyone can goto their nearest outlet to have their craving satisfied. This will ease the traffic congestion and everyone get a good service from the staff.
You know how much I have waiting and waiting right, that is why CDN is a not to miss service offered by Exabytes. Oh ya did I tell you that Exabytes's CDN package is FREE??? It is true indeed as it is an on going promotion and you should totally check it out
Like I said, Exabytes covers everything from head to toe. If there is any missing puzzle in your website, fear not because Exabytes will cover it for you. After all Exabytes is 10 years old now and they are celebrating their 10th Anniversary now, do come and join me by taking part in their Super Blogger Contest as part of Birthday wish. 

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