Sunday, June 26, 2011

Security & Privacy

I'm sure by now, most of you own a smartphone or at least a notebook right? I also note that a smartphone ain't smart if it is disconnected from the Internet. After all it is the content that keep me cling onto the pocket size screen. So what do I do? I tend to tap into public wireless network or use a mobile internet service.
You see while it seems fun to be able to go online for free, I actually expose myself to danger, danger that I might not even aware that it exist. Likewise if you are operating webpage and you wouldn't want to put your customer in fear or at risk when they are browsing on your website don't you?
This is especially when you are having a sensitive data over your website or dealing with online transaction involving money. These are after all the main concern that attract hackers. Well attracting hackers to your site can actually be a good thing you know. Is just like if you are a popular artist you will see pirated stuff on the net / street simply because there is a huge demand and shows that you are famous. Likewise if you are a Nobody artist I think you will never see a pirated copy of your own album. Muahahaha..
Ok back to serious note, I personally found that Exabytes add on service as a Ray of Light!!!! SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is one heck of solution for the mentioned problem, you now no longer need to goto Hair Care Center to meditate your hair lost problem, Exabytes prevent that for you.
The best part of this service is that Exabytes don't limit me to one particular vendor simply because Exabytes get more profit margin out of it, I get to choose among the best of the best according to my personal preference and budget. Now that's what I call flexibility and customer-friendly. Remember we made the choice ourself.

  1. I know it may still seems complicated to some people even after reading my lengthy boring post, but let me try to explain in layman term. 
  2. Assume you are having a drink at Mamak store with friends, and there are many other people too. 
  3. Your conversation may be overheard by others as everyone understand your language (English, Chinese, BM, etc)
  4. What happen if you were to share a secret with your friend, you will whisper or hint by replacing the actual word with an alternate word. (Eg: Instead of telling your friend there's a pretty lady behind him, you will just say your 6 o'clock)
  5. Now even if people overheard it, they don't know what you talk about.
  6. Some people might hint it differently. Like "Eh look behind", etc..
Like I said, Exabytes covers everything from head to toe. If there is any missing puzzle in your website, fear not because Exabytes will cover it for you. After all Exabytes is 10 years old now and they are celebrating their 10th Anniversary now, do come and join me by taking part in their Super Blogger Contest as part of Birthday wish.

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