Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dedicate Server

What you've seen previously on Web Hosting is actually a server "partitioned" into several section and thus allowing the machine to host several website / domain simultaneously. It can simply be explain in an rented house scenario, where you rent a house and then you find housemate, so everyone of you stay under the same roof.
What if your website needs more capacity and/or you intended to separate your sensitive database out from a shared server. Well Dedicated Server is the answer! Dedicated Server is where the servers serves only your website, just like how your Personal Computer only contain your documents and files.
Exabytes Dedicate Server is fast and reliable as it is handled by highly trained professional that ensure your server is up all time round. If your server is having issue at 3AM you too can call for help. Now don't you just love the feeling that once you wake up your website / server is up and kicking, well I do.
Beside that, you too get to do whatever you want with the server, legally of course. You can install additional component to boost the feature and functionality of your website, you can change the server setting, and many more.
You also free yourself from the hassle of hosting a server yourself and get to enjoy the benefit of world class Data Center facility because the server will be hosted at AIMS Data Center.

The best of the best part where I LOVED most in this service is that the GOLD Management Plan. This plan basically means having an expert engineer monitoring and troubleshooting your Dedicated Server shall anything goes wrong. It simply translated into "Get The Job Done Instantly". Knowing how Software will crash, Hardware will fail, the least you want to do is to spend time troubleshooting things that is not within your field. Rather than spending time searching for a fix, why not spend time on your business, right?

A small note, Dedicated Server is where you rent a server for your own (website) use only, you don't own the server. Technology come and fade at a rapid rate, so why spend thousands on a hardware that will fade before you know it? But still if you think you wanna own a server you can opt for Co-Location Service from Exabytes too. Go talk to their friendly consultant for more advice.

A few known company that is using Exabytes's Dedicated Server are

  • 988 Radio Station
  • Excard (Printing Services)
  • HongKiat (Blog)
  • KennySia(Blog)
  • Lim Kwok Wing (Education)
  • Nuffang (Blog / Ads Portal & Community)
and many more.. These big shot can't go wrong as their website serves very critical and serious client/user. So how can you go wrong by going along with the flow?

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