Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I want to win tickets to Larry Crowne and Lulla Man!

Alright I have a confession to made, this blogpost serves the intention of me trying to win not 1 or 2 but 4 movie passes to both awesome show named Larry Crowne and Lulla Man. Woot, you too can win and more info can be found here. There will be several part as it is one of the contest mechanism.

If you could get a second chance, what would you have done differently in highschool?
Well to start off I have to tell you that me and Josh Lim were actually schoolmate. No freaking way? Well it is true indeed, Hell Yeah! If I were to have a second chance, I would not be the shy + quiet guy sitting on the corner. I would instead be Josh's best buddy :p Not because I want to to tap onto his wealth & fame (even though that would be nice), but rather I would learn and pick up a few tips from him on getting into the right track. See where he is standing now and where I'm sitting now.. Sob T_T

How do you rekindle a dying relationship?
Well I never been into multiple relationship before and I could be your worst adviser. I do however tried to rekindle a dying relationship before but it never work. Come to think of it, if I were to face the same thing again, I would probably use the ego + hardcore method. I will make sure I install that run-now-and-regret-later feeling into her. Meanwhile I will give my 1000% to reach the goal, achieving what every girl desire and be beyond successful. But hey when I'm there will things change? Hmmm.. Something to ponder on.

So have you watch both the trailer? Awesome right? Why not score yourself the same movie passes as I do and we go laugh our ass out during screening night?

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