Monday, June 27, 2011

Customer Support

I think "Customer is Always Right" is the best practice a company can opt of to sustain not just the satisfactory on customer, but also to take customer complain as a learning curve, and to improve to be better and stronger among other competitor.
Of course the policy have to be based on customer with a valid claim and a sensible argument and not just blindly treat everyone right without first judging the validity of it. The reason I think Exabytes have the best customer service is because of the following
1. Instant Response
Yes, Exabytes have dedicated personal to attend to every enquiry. Whether or not you are a customer or none customer, there is someone to attend to you and you don't have to wait for hours to get a reply.
You too can opt to drop an email when the representative are not available so that they can contact you back whenever possible and clear your doubt instantly

2. Knowledge Base
Whether is beginner or expert user, there are times where we are caught with issue that we cannot fix. This is why I love the Knowledge Base where it kept a vast collection of past live experience that others have encounter.
This Knowledge Base is far better than Library as it allows customer / staff to contribute to it. Thus as time goes, there will be more info / solution / answer to a particular issue. It also allow me to learn something from past experience and I might find a solution while waiting.

3. Spoon Feed Tutorial
Oh my I love being spoon feed even I'm already a grown up. Who doesn't anyway? Exabytes offer Video Tutorial that cover a vast subject ranging from the very basic email setup, to advance open source setup and many more. It is as simple as watching and following the instruction provided in the video and you can go around brag about managing your own website
For more you can visit

4. Automated System
As a human, no matter how good or perfect you are, you tend to forget, agree? That's why Exabytes Automated System is so good that it will never miss a reminder. It will automatically send out notification, reminding customer on soon-to-expire domain / hosting / etc.
Being automated technically means not having a person monitoring and doing things manually, that's why the accuracy could shoot up to 100%.

Like I said, Exabytes covers everything from head to toe. If there is any missing puzzle in your website, fear not because Exabytes will cover it for you. After all Exabytes is 10 years old now and they are celebrating their 10th Anniversary now, do come and join me by taking part in their Super Blogger Contest as part of Birthday wish.  

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