Monday, June 27, 2011

Eco Friendly Marketing

Online or Offline nobody would know about your existence if there is no marketing involves. You may start up any business from ground and yet be successful if you have the right tools to aid along the way. Luck doesn't really play an important role in determining how success you are, it is effort that count.
That is why you get annoying leaflet / brochure / flyer being widely distributed all over busy street and I thought we are on the era of Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse? It seems that they don't just ignore the  Global Warming, but rather focus on earning more to buy a underground solid water-proof quake-proof house in preparation of 2012 =.="
With the technology we have today, not only it had made our life easier, but it has also created more option and making it cost affordable for anyone to adapt to a new change.  I, who was once a not so eco friendly person is already on the move to change and adapting more eco friendly option in whatever that I stumble upon in daily life. That is why I love the Exabytes EBuzzzz Email Marketing package.
Do you know that now every if you use slow mail, you need to pay RM0.60 for within Malaysia? Are you also aware that requires paper and it takes longer time to reach the destination? Even if you are running a street campaign, how many flyers do you estimate to print? What happen to the extra flyer that are yet to be distributed after the event? What is the response rate to such campaign? Well it seems that there are endless question but only 1 answer (Don't Know) for all these.

All that can be answer and monitor with just RM0.0022 per participant/email. Yes RM0.0022! I'm sure one freaking flyer already cost more than that, what more the cost of promoter is excluded. Leave the headache to Exabytes EBuzzzz and get the output that you want. Like a traditional campaign, it I get to create and filter to whom I wish to target for each of my campaign. Upon completion of a campaign I can see who have gone through and found interest in the promotion. I can study what each campaign went wrong when the response was bad, and etc.

The reason I love EBuzzzz so much is because it converts traditional campaign into virtual campaign, thus preserving the entire campaign "feels" and involvement that can be easily adapted by the seniors who have been in this line. I also love it because you can try the demo version here before finalizing on whether to proceed with the order. Trust me, once you go green, you will never go back.

Like I said, Exabytes covers everything from head to toe. If there is any missing puzzle in your website, fear not because Exabytes will cover it for you. After all Exabytes is 10 years old now and they are celebrating their 10th Anniversary now, do come and join me by taking part in their Super Blogger Contest as part of Birthday wish. 

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