Saturday, June 25, 2011

Attack the Block

Attack the Block is yet another Alien based movie. Seriously there was once we human loves watching Alien, then the attention was switch to vampire / zombie, and now it seems that spotlight is shinning back on Alien again with so many Alien based movie like Battle of LA, Skyline, Cowboy vs Alien, and etc. Thank to Yappy TV for the invites
In a yet another town filled with criminal activity in every corner, there was more than that to worry when Alien strike. There were this bunch of kids who first discover the Alien, decided to take it down to its knees and to show their bravery that no one can mess with them, not even the Alien. Look these are not ordinary kids, they are a group of badass better known as gangster. In another word Attack the Block is best describe as Gangster kid vs Alien
Things seems to be on the victory side for the kids when they killed an Alien. Little did they know there were more along the way and this time they were hunting them one by one. In effort to hide and shield from the attack, they stumble upon one of their recent victim whom they robbed just momentary ago. They needed help from her badly as one of their recruit was injured, and that's how they work closely with each other to win the battle against the Aliens
Personally, I think the movie is kinda immature. I mean is like watching a kids show. Probably I've seen badder ass Alien with greater machinery. This movie on the other hand have its limitation in terms of choice of weapon and battle plan. Success or not you decide. After all there were so much an untrained person would have a master mind plan, what's more a bunch of kids who is probably a drop out.

Rate: 2/5

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