Sunday, June 26, 2011

Community Service

Anyone know what does the image above is trying to convey? What? Did I hear someone said no?? Raise your hand please, oh you.. Shame on you, you are the reason why every soul is suffering and praying that 2012 is just a mist. On second thought I should call the cop :(

Well Go Green seems to be a trend / theme nowadays as a tribute / apology to mother nature for what we have done. It appears that 2011 is behaving like 2012 with all the sudden weather change, and all the disaster that happen in every corner of the world.
Way before the 2012 fear was craved into everyone's mind, Exabytes had begin with something that not many company would opt for, charity to the needy. Exabytes come out a Charity Hosting plan to 1000 Charity Organization.
Living in today's advance technology world, website is not longer a "My competitor have one I must get one too" toy, it is a tool to aid in providing info and/serves as awareness creating purpose. Since charity organization gather donation from the public it is wise not to spend on what others would deem as wastage. Yes there are still some who think website is a waste of money, sad but true. What I love about this plan is that it offers opportunity for Non-profit organization to reach out to more people and at the same time to create awareness among the youth.
When was it that you last make a donation? Just recent? Are you sure the money end up in the needy's hand or did it end up on some scam artist's pocket? Haven't make a donation because you aren't sure whether they are authentic? Well that's where a website come into picture.
A website tend to build more trust and it people would donate without the fear of their money ending on the wrong hand. Usually after you make a donation on the street and it is end of story. You don't know what happen next. But if you make donation on a website, the webmaster can always assure those who donated that their donation have been put into good use with followup news / photo and etc.

That is juts some example on how important a website could be. The Exabytes Charity Hosting is a way to contribute back to the community, and to aid in fighting scam off the street. Exabytes is offering such plan sincerely as the package comes with FREE Domain Name too, whereas some company do it for publicity and/or with hidden charge.

If the Go Green campaign gets whole world attention, I think Exabytes's Charity Hosting deserves an applause and credit for the effort to play a role in contributing back to the community. One of the existing and happy Charity Organization for the Charity Hosting -
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