Saturday, June 25, 2011

Treasure Inn

Treasure Inn was a typical classic Hong Kong based movie starring several names that you've already know for their act like Nicholas Tse, Nick Chueng, Charlene Choi and etc..
It is also a comedy / romance type of movie and it includes funny battle scene too as shown on the poster. Not only that the movie was incorporated with CGI too. Yea movie nowadays can't survive without CGI. The graphic here was however acceptable for a Hong Kong standard and kinda lack behind for Hollywood style.
The plot is about a a robbery cum murder for a gigantic statue that cost a fortune and Nicholas Tse and Nick Chueng who happen to be the "kitchen helper" volunteer themself to solves the mystery. They travel around town to look for clue and ended up in a place called Treasure Inn where a bidding event take place.
There were tons of "stupidity joke" where your old folks will laugh at and the younger generation would jaw break, well at least my dad did!  There weren't much to blog about for this movie as I've mentioned that it is yet another typical Hong Kong movie. It was relaxing and smooth throughout the flow and nothing too mind twisted and nothing too simple. It is a movie that I should say "something just nice" for a slow and steady weekend. I think those who are really hardcore in Chinese movie will somehow dig this.

Rate: 2.5/5

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