Thursday, May 19, 2011


Watched Insidious yesterday night at 1Utama instead of Pirates of the Caribbean at Cathay Cineplax at e@Curve. Well glad that I did not regret my choice. After all Insidious bring the audience to a whole new level of fear, provided that you are following and paying attention that is.
 Note that this is not yet another haunted house movie which by the way it may look like it initially. From the shooting style of the movie, you will find that you are once again being played in your mind by the one who brought Paranormal Activity not long ago.
Honestly speaking, this movie combined with classic music which will send chill down your spike from the moment it begin. The entire concept of the movie did the same too. Lucky enough the devil/ghost/spirit or whatever you wanna call it was rather fake and "toyish"
I didn't expect to enjoy the movie this much, not especially after someone told me Insidious suck. To me it is worth a try for "horrorholic" out there because this is something slightly different.

Rate: 3/5

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Jeremy said...

aiyaa...gimme the pirates tixs la then.......:(

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