Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Limitless is a story on a new kind of drug where it lets you to have access to every single column of cell in your brain, which normal people only have 20% access to it, and thus making you to have the ability to know everything you saw, read, heard before.
Manage to score myself 2 premier passes 2 days before it release, Limitless starring Bradley Cooper, who is better known as FACE in A-Team back in 2010. Who would forget this charming guy with beautiful eye. Psst I'm not gay but I really envy bout this
Back to movie, I personally find the plot interesting probably it is something we don't see often and something new maybe? In the beginning, the movie was kinda laggy and draggy with all the character introduction, personality, and bla bla bla..
Things become interesting when the main actor venture into the remaining 80% of his mind, this scene came in just in time to save the audience from falling asleep at the hall. From there onward, audience will be brought along the storyline and would be staying up and awake on what's actually happen and what's gonna happen.
There were some minor chase-and-run, and killing scene which spice things up just a little bit more. The turn down of Limitless is that there were some gray area where no further explanation on how, what, where, and when. Nevertheless Limitless still has something interesting that you might wanna catch at your local cinema.

Rate: 3/5

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