Thursday, April 7, 2011

Source Code

Just came back from the preview screening of Source Code in GSC Mid Valley and damn I'm speechless again
Source Code tells a story of a well developed, technology beyond our imagination (at this point of time) where it allow one to cross into others body for as long as 8 minute. A soldier wake up in an unknown body in a train that exploded soon just to find out after that explosion that he is actually on a Source Code where his mission is to find the bomber.
What happen here is that you can repeat the same scene here again and again if given the permission but the catch is, you cannot alter what happened.
To me source code is actually what some people called it 'mind fuck' like Inception. Mind fuck pretty much means the movie is playing with your mind with questions that your brain keep popping up and you trying very hard to understand what's happening.
In simpler word Source Code is as good as Inception (if not better) and those who love Inception should give this a try even though the depth of the difficulties to understanding is not near to Inception.

Rate: 4/5

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