Saturday, April 2, 2011


Yet another Nuffnang movie screening for its member, and this week it is HOP. I guess if you are interested to catch any movie earlier than other, for FREE, you know where to find it don't you?
HOP is all about a grown up bunny refuse to take over the place of Easter Bunny but instead dream of becoming a super rock n roll drummer.
Though the movie was created and produced by team who brought us Alvin and The Chipmunks and Despicable Me, I still find that the movie is lack of something. It actually lack of original sense of humor that is.
I don't mean there's nothing new in this, but most of it you will had the feeling of "Oh I've seen this". However HOP is kinda family oriented where you could bring your kids along and they could probably learn a few good morale value out of it perhaps.

Rate: 2/5


Jeremy said...

Hippity hoppity HOP !!!

ken said...

realize u always get the invitation.. so nice ah.. your comment must be good.. haha :)

Fallen Angel said...

@Jeremy :D How's life?

@ken: well I have my friend to thank too for passing me some of the invite

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