Friday, November 12, 2010


This is a rush post as I've left it pending for a few days already. Also I manage to catch the movie all thank to Yih Yann for the extra ticket =)
 Unstoppable is a movie inspired based on true event staring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine from Star Trek. If you've watch the trailer you might already know that the movie is about an unstoppable train that is gaining speed and is waiting to cause major disaster anytime..
The key of the movie is, how do you stop a speeding "beast" (codename for the train) from crashing into any town and create a huge mass destruction?
This is a movie that I could really felt the joy when everyone in the movie cheer, a movie where I felt worried while everyone pray. Yes I got suck in..

Rate: 4/5

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syafiq affandy bin hasan said...

saw it two days ago... it was an entertaining thriller. not a good movie at all but fun enough.

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