Sunday, November 7, 2010


It was sad that I couldn't join you guys in Nuffnang screening for the movie Altitude even though how many would have describe the movie as a piece of shit. So I still manage to watch it before it get off screen on local cinema and here's what I think about it
Oh ya before you proceed, I have to remind you that whatever below this line contains freaking SPOILER, stay away if you still plan to watch the movie like I do even after majority had claimed that the movie is worthless. But before you close the window, I personally think that it is worth a watch to find out what happen to them at least :D
The story was about a group of teenage travel to a place via private plane and for some reason their plane keep flying upward until they reach an unknown altitude where they lost all their contact and the only help they could hope for is to pray to God.
It was like a test of reaction type of movie where you see what human would do under given circumstances. However these cast acted quite 'calmly' is what I would say. This movie is suppose to be something like buried minus the coffin as the only scenery, but it seems that the one man show manage to pawn all 5 kids here in Altitude.
So it seems that they were not alone, it seems that there is some sort of creature that is tailing them in this unknown space, and with such limited resources how are they suppose to get out alive? Or could they?
If there is one thing that would have deduct points to the movie it would be the monster / creature. I mean of all the creature we have why on earth do they want to have a floating / flying octopus? Another part is that all those technical failure which caused them to shoot upward are too well arranged. It is like coincident after coincident.  Despite all that it is still a watchable movie after all. It is not up to the stage where it would make you puke :D

Rate: 2.5/5

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