Saturday, November 13, 2010


Skyline is actually a bluish movie, not those blue movie that guys often watch. You see 90% of the screen time you will see the color blue ranging from dark to light and you might go color blind after watching it. Lol
As you can see the movie poster is in blue too.. A quick thank to Nuffnang for the premier passes 2 days before the movie is being release here in Malaysia's cinema. If you don't know what Skyline is all about, take a closer look at the zoom version of the poster
You will see some people flying or rather being sucked up in the air.. Yes this is an Alien invasion type of movie.
Though these light may seems beautiful, just don't divert your attention to it will ya..
Otherwise risk being manipulated..
So how do we human fight back given that situation doesn't side us all.. Is there still hope? Or is the God who is more than happy to save human race? That's what you need to find out. CG wise was kinda great but not perfect, plot wise was rather stiff and 'cartoonist' especially toward the ending part.


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