Sunday, November 14, 2010


Please don't be freak out, that is not virus nor it is any ghost. But you should be afraid, be very afraid if one day your hair starts falling off in a big chunk like this.

If I have Rapunzel's hair I would be long rich as my hair is my income generator. I would firstly start up a Research Center where I would test and replicate cream that would aid and help to grow strong and long, and when I say long I do mean very long hair within shortest time frame.

Once I get that I would immediately start up a hair care center catering for everyone from young to old and from any gender. Now you don't have to hold on tight to your hair day and night, because with my solution, you can grow it any length anytime anywhere.
Yea, I would be running a hair control / hair care / hair whatever you wanna call it business to convert gift into cash :D cha ching..
Even though I'm very money minded, and the first thing I came to think off is about profits, I do still have a heart for our planet earth deep down in me. I would be returning the community a big favor by forming a cap like protection that would cover and block harmful UV from getting into us directly.

What would you do if you have Rapunzel's hair? Nuffnang is running a contest inconjunction with the soon to release movie titled Rapunzel and there will be a special 3D screening for those selected.
Besides that you get to win awesome prize and the prize would be given on the screening that day.. How awesome can it get..
You can get more details here if you wish to join
Oh before I end I have to strike a pose with my hair
Oops I mean this
This is my ONLY blogpost with my photo on it.. I'm really crazy for the prize I guess.. Till then finger cross..

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