Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shout Award Pre Party

Last Saturday was Shout Award Pre Party and am glad that numerous blogger was invited to the scene to witness and to all be prepare for the actual hype this coming weekend :D
Shout Award with Celcom XPlay. The crowd was cheered by plenty of famous local artist and this is one you cannot "mizz" be it for her sexy voice and appearance
Mizz Nina
She is none other than Mizz Nina
Mizz Nina
Press interview was also seen there with the VIP
Mizz Nina
Surprisingly not only there was a huge crowd but they came in quite on time and everyone enjoyed it that night.
Mizz Nina
Crowd were presented with not only live performance but also live band, and when there's band there's drum :D

Now that we are all hyped up, so who in for the actual event now?

1 comment:

ken said...

sounds like a cool event.. but im not going :)

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