Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Peter Pan - A musical journey

A very special thank to AMBP (All Malaysian Bloggers Project) and Sunway Lagoon for not only the invites to Behind The Scene of Peter Pan The Musical but also for making it happen right here in Malaysia. We bloggers get to meet the 4 main cast namely Peter Pan, Wendy, Smee, and Captain Hook who are directly "imported" from western country :p
Here are the cast in sequence from left to right
Peter Pan played by Mark Iles
Wendy played by LJ Neilson
Smee played by Pater Jamieson
Captain Hook played by Michael Morgan
Were were being brief on what to expect by Aaron and how they put all together into one fine piece, one great musical show for us Malaysian to enjoy
According to Aaron, the overall cost around 1million ++ with all newly imported chairs, magical stage decoration, lighting, costume, and oh ya audience will be experiencing snow too during the show.. We also had the opportunity to go up stage for some photo session
The stage is yet to complete as seen above and the team work really hard to put every final piece together.. Also besides Aaron, there is this Mr "All in one" who does as mentioned in his nick, does everything and anything under the sun
We were brought to magical land by this prison like train :p
After the preview, we were given the opportunity to mingle and to dine with the cast. How cool can it be. It is only then I found out that actually Peter Pan (Mark) hates seafood :p If only there is a chunk of seafood in the dish, Mark would just pass.
As this would be my very first live musical show, I'm kinda looking forward to it.. Yes I've been invited to the Gala Premier this coming Friday night at Sunway Lagoon. Can't wait till then to experience the magical moment. Hope it doesn't disappoint me as these cast are really dedicated to what they are doing. "They don't do sick" repeated by Aaron countless time. Can you? We Malaysian if got stunk by mosquito, we would love to seek MC too..

For more details on Peter Pan The Musical, feel free to visit the official website
Alternately you can join Sunway Lagoon Facebook page too

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