Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bruce Lee, My Brother

I'm sure you guys know who this guy in yellow don't you?
 No not kill bill even though they have similar outfit.. He is Bruce Lee, a legend, a hero to the film industry.. and this movie is to let audience / fans to get to know Bruce better, living through his childhood together throughout the 2 hours movie.
Aarif Lee play the role of Bruce in this movie who is also the main character. Who is Aarif exactly?
Aarif Lee was born in Hong Kong, the youngest of three siblings. His father is a Malay-Arab-Chinese ancestry, while his mom is a Hongkonger. His father owns a cleaning company, and they reside in Sai Kung. He grew up in Hong Kong and attended King George V School, of which he was the Head Boy from 2004-2005. After graduating from KGV, he attended Imperial College (London) to study Physics for three years. Before entering University, he had already signed a contract with Amusic; however, he completed his education before returning to Hong Kong to become an artist of Amusic. (Source)

For some reason I felt that Aarif look like Wang Lee Hom a Taiwanese singer as portrait below.
Anyway this is a drama movie and if you are in for some action, better stay off. This is a "documentary" movie where you grew up along with Bruce. You get to know him better from his family point of view as the story was told by Robert Lee, Bruce's brother.

The way the movie being executed was rather ordinary and there ain't much to expect, after all Bruce is human too like us.

Rate: 2/5

BTW anyone happen to know who is this?

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Anonymous said...

That's Korean American, John Cho, who made it big in "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)"

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