Thursday, November 25, 2010


Specially thank to Nuffnang and ChurpChurp for bring Rapunzel alive with the special screening of Rapunzel in 3D Wohoo...
I'm pretty sure most of us know who Rapunzel is.. And judging form the fact that this is a Disney production, the ending is pretty much given and expected.. Question is, how do you attract people who have already seen and heard of Rapunzel a thousand times to dig deep into their pocket and to reach out for their cash to purchase the ticket for the movie? Simple, you make it in 3D! Well the good news is, you get more than that in this film, that is why it is also called A Tangled Tale
The main reason why you wanna watch this is because when you thought you knew it all, you know nothing..
The movie also brought in cute and funny character to spice things up just so that you don't get "the prince kiss the princess and they live happily ever after" this kind of crap.. It also kinda children oriented as not only does it contains positive value in life, it always feature song with positive lyrics like "Mom is always right" (something like that).

Nothing much to scream about the CG and 3D effect however. But there is a scene where thousand of lanterns floating on the sky was really a magical and sweet moment in my honest opinion. If only I could simulate that :D


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