Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Social Network

Had multiple premier screening invitation to the movie The Social Network and I attended the one from Nuffnang last night in Mid Valley. Damn talking about that I do have plenty of things to complain. Mid Valley being the most centralized shopping mall, located in between PJ and KL, was very well known for difficulties in getting a parking lot, has now out of sudden hike the parking rate effectively from 1 November 2010. Funny part was the hike is only applicable during weekdays.
Is like WTF.. They suddenly decided that they wanna buy a new helicopter and what's better way to ask for a donation from us? Damn you!
This movie starring Jesse Eisenberg who play the role of Mark Zuckerberg, also the founder of facebook.
And man, the way he speaks is so rapid that even subtitle might not help you in catching up.. This movie is all about facebook drama from how it begin to how it created enemies.
Even though the movie is a "all talk" movie, it is fun watching it provided you are able to relate yourself to it and you are catching up with what they are talking about..
Rate: 4/5

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