Friday, October 8, 2010

You again?

Everyone here have past, and there are some sweet memories and some better not to remember memories. It all happen because someone make situation bad and or terrible, and these are the people you wish they will be suck into the black hole and never heard from him / her again. Bye sucker!
All along my past 20years (yea I'm that damn young ok) of living on planet earth, I do have someone I dislike, someone I don't wish to see again, someone I don't care if he is dead or alive, and best part this person I never really know and vice versa. This fella is non other than my ex's ex. o.0 Lost? Fret not here's a chart.

This douchebag is just like every ordinary guy from the appearance with decent looking, highly educated and bla bla bla.. Perhaps he might be "over" educated to a point that he is over sensitive over ringgit and cent.. I think he learnt mind control too.. Have you ever heard off / had a BF who doesn't food all your daily bill? Yes you do, and in fact I don't pay everything for my girl if you ask me. But have you ever heard off / had a BF who doesn't pay any bill for his girl? Yea this dude is the one and only that humiliate us as a guy! Not only he is super stingy that he don't treat his girl breakfast-lunch-dinner-movie-entertainment-drink, the best part of him is that he even dare to claim back 20cent from his GF when was asked to get a pack of tissue while ordering drinks! WTF!

Meeting such person one already make my life miserable even though it does not directly happen to me but still don't you get burning when you learn that there's such douchebag exist?
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