Sunday, October 10, 2010

Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen

If you are into kicking Japanese arse then this movie is for you, if you are vice versa stay put as it might trigger anger in you :p No offense but the movie is about the Chinese community in China trying to gain back what's theirs with the aid of a superhero named Chen Zhen
This movie stared by none other but the one and only person who was better known as Ip Man, Donnie Yen and by now you should have know his rapid punches and how good he is in Kung Fu. So you can be assure that there will be some exciting action in this movie.
Though previously there is also a movie named Chen Zhen starring Jet Li, but this 'remake' isn't entirely same. This is the after story.
We've seen several foreigner being the baddie in many movie who got nicely served and yet even this title also shares the same, it is not that boring after all.
There was also a scene where it air Donnie's butt, yea his real butt, which eventually got highlighted in the media, but hey who wanna see his butt? I'm sure if it is Shu Qi then different story overall. :D
Not only action you could expect from this title, everyone may not be who they seems to be. Everyone is in disguise. Overall the movie is an enjoyable movie with friends, family or love one but not with children cause there are quite some violence scene in it. A good catch if you are into action and if you are fans of Donnie.



ken said...

donnie yen is getting more and more movie contracts related to chinese martial arts.. =)

Fallen Angel said...

Well there's a good thing.. Guess we can expect more action movie soon =)

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