Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sammy's Adventures

I have a question here.. I'm sure most of you here if not everyone, knows what Avatar is. What do you think about it? Is the imaginary world a fairyland? Yes? Well I do agree on that. But what about the 3D effect? Superb amazingly real? Well I once think that too, but that was until tonight that I realize I ain't see nothing yet after the screening of Sammy's Adventures
Though the movie poster look childish, but the effect is no joke man. Everything is so real and alive except for its plot. It look like the movie is just the process of Sammy growing up. I would have to tell you that the story is very, and I do mean very very superbly plain and lame.
As for the effect, the 3D effect, WOW, never have I seen a real 3D movie like this. Not only the texture were all so real, the object it feels like it is just right in front of your face. Is like just inch away. Oh ya, also not forgetting the colorful undersea scenery where it put you directly into the vacation mood.
It is sad that such a nice effect, the movie doesn't have anything else to shout about. But still it pawn Avatar 3D. If you think Avatar is the best already, then you will get drop your jaw after this.

Rate: 3/5


Yih Yann said...

But you only give 3/5 ooo

Fallen Angel said...

Well if it was not the realistic effect, it worth nothing.. Seriously the best 3D effect ever seen. But story wise fail big time! Something like documentary. *Yawn*

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