Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dinner for Schmucks

 Dinner for Schmucks, I swear to God, will entertain you with jokes you'll never imagine and you will laugh so hard that you lungs might just drop out, that of course provided you are into idiotic act too..
Unlike other crazy yet LOL movie, it just doesn't make you laugh, it contains quote, meaningful yet encouraging quote, and it also have a what I consider quite touching story plot too. Points added!
The beginning 10 to 15 minute you might yawn after reading how nice it was and have set to a higher expectation, but rest assure, things gonna change when Steve Carell appear, and once he does, there is no scene that you can see without him.. Lol
There's nothing much I could write right now as it was purely filled with LOL material and if I keep going on spoiler might occur. But before I end, heck, steal, rob, or beg, make sure you watch it. I on the other hand might just catch it again on Thursday.

Rate: 4/5


Jeremy said...

Watched Endhiran The Robot...

Well done performance by Superstar and Aiswarya Rai. Animation was good although its miles from Avatar.Songs were fantastic.Enthiran is really Entertaining......8/10 (got full subs even for the songs)

Dinner For Schmucks...

Watched it by downloading. The movie was not very very funny..well at least I laughed.The plot was clumsy/not smart. Well its still a movie right???


Fallen Angel said...

@Jeremy believe it or not I'm too waiting for my screening for Endhiran this coming weekend.. Couldn't get ticket and was lucky to have a special screening soon.. XD
As for Dinner for Schmucks, watching it in the cinema do make a different.. We can exchange laughter there, after all sharing is caring doesn't it :D

Jeremy said...

Maybe the copy I downloaded was a shitty cam and some scenes being cut.....will wait for a dvdrip...and maybe I will laugh harder. Oh ya for Endhiran, dont keep your hopes very very high(like a hollywood film)....still it will satisfy ya especially the songs......definite BLOCKBUSTER ...btw no.12 in US BOX OFFICE.....

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