Monday, October 4, 2010

The Other Guys Preview Screening

How would you stand out by being the other guy if you have to? I on the other hand would firstly disconnect myself from the Internet world, no facebook no twitter no 4square no no no (Cheh.. like I'm that famous).. I would be so obsolete from everyone that even Mr Google can't even find me..

Hey don't laugh at me ok.. Well not at least there's an advantage for being the outcast.. At least people wouldn't pick me as their target.. At least I am safe from online identify theft..
Anyway there will be a new movie coming really soon - The Other Guys and thank God I gotten a pair of invitation from none other but the sweet and cute Missy Cheerio from
Also would like to thank  Sony Pictures and Advertlets for making this happen.. Do take note if you are interested..

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