Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Megamind in 3D

I don't know why but it seems to me that I have not been to the cinema for quite some time.. Feeling strange that I'm so excited about screening momentary ago and was it good for the excitement?
Manage to catch the screening of Megamind at GSC Mid Valley in 3D, awesome to the max huh.. Since before I went I heard that some review from the State gave quite a negative review about the movie and so I did not carry much expectation toward the plot..
However after returning from the screening I leave the cinema hall with a smiley face :D So what actually happen is that thank God they did not showcase everything in trailer. Yea you know how trailer spoil everything by showing every genius scene.
The second element that I love about was the twist added into the movie. Yet again I have to thank the trailer for keeping the surprise to the audience. A movie without any minor / major twist is a dead and stiff movie. What makes a game addictive is that it allows the player to keep on exploring for new skill / element / path and etc.. Same applies here. In my honest opinion they execute the entire thing quite well and nope there is not really much of a "trying to be funny" scene, nor are there unnecessary introduction/explanation on characters.
The 3D effect however could be improve further with more popping effect and everything else was mind blowing. I don't mean that the effect were sucky, is just that we want more. Anyway it is an edutainment movie that suit everyone from young to old as it taught the audience about responsibility even when you are a villain :D

Rate: 4/5

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Mizi a.k.a SKELERTOR said...

i'm waiting this movie to come out.. hehe

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