Thursday, September 9, 2010

Resident Evil: Aftterlife

Thank to Nuffnang & Friendster for the ticket and since I couldn't finish all, gave up the 3D version to my friend due to location and timing issue.

The movie as we all know is about virus infection which turns human into zombie. However in this Resident Evil: Afterlife there's not much of zombie scene. In other word this installment is more of "Boss" fighting scene and they are

If I'm not mistaken the story doesn't really based on what's from the game and they kinda mixed up a few things. Thought that ain't important but it would be good to just follow the original. Still doesn't really matter as they kinda twist and modify the entire plot.

Also before Alice was turned into... Opss my bad shouldn't have mention that..
Yes there were tons of Alice there in the movie and I bet you know why too..
Personally, I think they turned a horror movie into an artistic movie with all the 3D aimed effects, it ain't what I was hoping to catch. They lost the core element of a zombie genre movie and they focuses on the CG and angle. You might wanna consider watching the 3D version of it. Though it is the first 3D from Resident Evil Trilogy, I think there's more action in Extinction

Rate: 2.5/5

On a side note here's a good news for Mortal Kombat fans.

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