Tuesday, September 7, 2010

King of Fighters

King of Fighters the movie as everyone expected was yet another failed game to movie conversion. Even though I've known how unattractive it is, I still give it a shot to see how terrible can it be..

KOF fans can you name me 3 character based on the movie poster above? Don't know? Let me tell you, there's Mai on your left, Kyo on the center and Rugal on the right. Awww.. Don't be upset you know you are hardcore KOF fans is just that there's something really wrong with the movie.
Failure Fact #1
The image above is Iori, yet again it is no where to be alike as compare to the Iori we've known. Failed in cosplay = failed overall

Failure Fact #2That is one heck of old terry. Not only that they never preserve their signature move too. The entire movie is just like everyone have some random power.
Failure Fact #3
Boring and blurry fight scene! Ok it will be over if I was expecting a combo like the above but not up to the level where it uses shaky camera effect to cover the lousy kick and punch. After all they are fighting in another dimension
Failure Fact #4Boring! Very boring storyline. Don't know how closely is it related to the original KOF storyline but I'm pretty sure this is almost something different from it. It is like sitting in a class learning subject by subject before entering the exam hall.

Rate: 0.5/5


Jeremy said...

worst rating you gave for a movie I think.

Fallen Angel said...

watch it and you will know why :D

Thristhan said...

Used to love playing this game so many years back :)

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