Monday, September 13, 2010

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole Movie Screening by Advertlets & Warner Bros

Did you know that there's over 200+- species of owl although they all look almost the same? Google it and you shall get your answer.
The image shown above is the Tawny owls. They are pretty to me and they are off medium size as compare to their larger counterpart.
Tawny owls are 'good listener'! They might have big round dark eye but their vision ain't as good as it is. That's why I said they are good listener.. LOL.. They navigate around with their ears.

The Tawny Owl hunts almost entirely at night, watching from a perch before dropping or gliding silently down to its victim, but very occasionally it will hunt in daylight when it has young to feed. This species takes a wide range of prey, mainly woodland rodents, but also other mammals up to the size of a young rabbit, and birds, earthworms and beetles. In urban areas, birds make up a larger proportion of the diet, and species as unlikely as Mallard and Kittiwake have been killed and eaten.
Prey is typically swallowed whole, with indigestible parts regurgitated as pellets. These are medium-sized and grey, consisting mainly of rodent fur and often with bones protruding, and are found in groups under trees used for roosting or nesting.

In conjunction with the upcoming movie The Legend of The Guardian, you might want to score your invitation to the movie in 3D format. You may find out more at feeqsays's blog
Now that I've done my posting, I might need to find a companion who I can 'tumpang' to the screening.. Anyone? XD

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