Monday, September 6, 2010


The title itself is very old school, so what can you expect from a 3D version of Piranha?
Piranha is nothing new to 80s babies and in case you aren't it is a flesh eating fish. With the 3D technology it seems that it is a "you have I must have" feature but I wonder if it is necessary for Piranha? I mean the CG is kinda fake at most attack scene and it was they used the blood-in-water effect to cover the ugly CGed fish.
The storyline was nothing new as it was all similar to Jaws, Anaconda, and you get the idea right? Not to mention there is quite a number of cut scene in Malaysia.

There were however plenty of gruesome scene and if you are a fans of tear-them-apart genre you might wanna check this out.



Anonymous said...

That's why it compensate with alot bikini and hot sexy beach girls :P

farra8979 said...

the fish is so robotic..

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