Thursday, September 30, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

With almost 100k apps for the iPhone, you have apps that range from what-the-hell-is-this to this-is-so-tomorrow feature. There are for sure certain apps that you would fall in love instantly and once you've tried it you will never  life without it.

Take for instance the apps Wobble
Before you activate your salty-wet cell in your brain, this is not your daily blue material apps. Wobble is a cutting edge technology that make selected area bouncy when you shake your phone. It can be the tummy, the aquarium and etc.. But hey what is it really for again? Hmm.. you gonna have to judge for yourself.

Anyway since I'm not an iPhone user at this point of time. I can only list out some of my fav apps that I've saw / come across / played before. It might not be the best yet but it is not something that will disappoint you, that's for sure!

The app is called Layar
What Layar does is simply amazing, it utilize your camera and you could navigate around to find what you are looking for, that is why it is called Augmented Reality

Layar is just the fundamental app whereby you can still have plugin as different plugin serves different purpose. Like there's a price check plugin whereby it allows you to check and compare prices of daily groceries (like chicken, fish, vegetable, ...) price between those hypermarket, it also compute the distance from where you are standing too!!

If that you think is an aunty app/plugin then try the Tweeps Around plugin. It will show people's tweet within the covered area. I once saw tweet from Indonesia.. Now beat that.

With this plugin capabilities the feature and power of Augmented Reality is limitless as anyone could develop something that shock the world anytime.

There is another apps that is also under the Augmented Reality category called Junaio
What Junaio can do can be describe with the image below
Hmm.. It seems that if you are able to apply the wobble thingy into this, you get more satisfaction.. Lol.. XD
If you are still not sure what it does, perhaps this video explain all

With such technology perhaps Digi and Nuffnang would want to further attract customer through it?

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