Thursday, September 30, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Have anyone ever told you that they can't live a day without the PC, cellphone and Internet? Ever wonder why?
I use internet to search for porn entertainment, news, update, and plenty more. I've experience Internet since the very beginning from dail up to broadband to wireless broadband. Since then my lifestyle has been hooked on the Net. I used to go after information but nowadays they come after me. I have to clean and mark read every single day. This is how heavy I rely on the Internet.

Smart phone nowadays are made with the capability to go online and thus more and more interactive content has been developed. That is why your smart phone could be turned into dumb phone if it is disconnect from the Internet. That is why I love the iDigi Plan
Note that there is no shocking news after your monthly quota as extra charges are the last thing I want to see in my bill. This means I could surf the Net freely without being worry of being charged extra. So I guess we can kiss the bandwidth monitor apps goodbye.
Yes no kidding, the plan is as low as RM58 monthly and that is not only for Internet usage, you get to call and SMS too!! Not only it is cheaper than our 'most trusted' ISP, it include calls and texting too. That's freaking insane wey!!
Even the autobots learn our language from Google and decepticon get info from the Net. So don't be the joke for being outdated just because you want to save your Internet surfing cost!

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