Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tekken - I am surprised

Thank Nuffnang for the invitation and I must say Tekken do amazed me in a way. Tekken is a movie based on popular versus game that is made famous across multiple console platform.
I have to admit that even though I do play the game tekken I do not know what Tekken is all about until I watch the movie last night at GSC 1 Utama..

Tekken however have to be on of the best conversion movie from game that ain't that disappointing after all unlike Dragon Ball and Street Fighter.. It introduce the story entirely from head to toe with the main character named Jin under the spotlight thus making it a good introductory. Thank for not being so draggy..
And if that was not enough, then you may notice that each and every character do look like on of the character from the game, or rather known as cosplay. Point added as the audience (or at least me) was waiting to see something familiar, and thank God..
Tekken is not your weekend family movie as it contains not only brutal fighting scene but also sexy fighter and a corrupted child.
Love the way the overall of the movie is executed and you would DEFINITE enjoy the movie if you like Dragon Ball and Chun Li Movie.. Lol

Rating 3/5

Psst.. Check out a new game coming to your home.. Street Fighter x Tekken


fadah said...

was here

Jeremy said...

u said it...gotta watch it !

Jeremy said...

It might sound weird but this is it.. I recommend u to watch Endhiran The a movie critic, you should watch movies from all genre/countries/language.

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