Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Last Airbender

"He will need you, and we all need him" That's a line mentioned from the trailer of The Last Airbender and this is what the movie is all about
A brief introduction to the movie [MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILER]
There are 4 nation whereby each nation (Fire, Air, Water, Earth) is the master of a single element. Avatar however is a person who is able to master all 4 elements and bring earth to peace. Avatar could be born from any nation, and since Avatar is so powerful, why on earth would he need someone? That's basically what the movie is trying to convey, to me at least.
There were more of story telling and journey than magic used, thus you know the drill.. It is kinda draggy with so many characters to introduce as well as the background of each and everyone of em'.
On the other hand however, the CG was perfectly blended into the movie for most scene and the movie is worthless without it to be sincere.
Since the movie is based on the animated TV series Avatar, I guess only its fans would know how the movie is progressing.

However I'm pretty sure if there is every a sequel for this movie it could be more interesting, after all the ending of the movie prepare the audiences for a sequel.

Rating: 2.5/5

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