Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why Vampires Suck?

Vampires as we all know feeds on human blood, fresh blood to be exact, and today we are gonna see top 5 reason why they SUCK!

Reason 5
They are and will be high on blood instead of dope

and no they don't want these frozen blood, they want it fresh from us, the human.. If only my blood could poison them, here take all you want..

Reason 4
They area "salty" AKA yellowish. They would go for girls only if they have the choice, and to prove my point, they usually go after pretty girls only.

Reason 3
They make their victim suffer or rather torture them..
Why? Apparently some "good" vampire don't kill for blood, they just take the sufficient amount of blood from human and they let the person live, but little did they know, this person is not perfect anymore, he could be infected or become one of them or worse get HIV. So Mr Vamp, don't act good next time
Reason 2
After seeing good vampires, there's bad vampires too where they would kill for blood. These suckers, however don't know the value of appreciation / wastage. They hunt, they kill and all they do is taking a few sip, leaving a pool of blood flowing down the street..
What a waste! Didn't your mama told you not to waste food blood?

Reason 1
They look gay and yet girls dig them.. What a world
Picture tells a thousand word, nuff said!

Thank to Twentieth Century Fox, Vampire Suck is an upcoming movies for you Vampires Hater or rather Twilight Hater as it is a prodigy movie based on the movie Twilight..

If you wish to watch it beforehand, do visit Nuffnang for more info

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