Monday, July 5, 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy

This Message will Self Destruct in

Original Copy
Уважаемые господа,

Кажется, что то, что есть люди здесь, в Малайзии един продуктов питания. Они имеют богатый выбор блюд здесь и ни диапазоне от острой до очень острой, питание голоссалгия. "Mamak", как представляется, условия все используют каждую ночь, и эти идиоты, как представляется, пользовались столовой на открытом месте, даже если есть кондиционер области. Я попытался, и их питание действительно вкусное и один даже не против, если вы сидите в канализацию. В соответствии с поручением я записал несколько своих местных рецепт блюда для вашей справки.

Слава Богу, у меня Sony Bloggie у меня шпионом записи. Не только это позволяет мне увеличить 4x ближе, но он также помог мне в записи удовольствие HD качества для вашего удовольствия. Она также позволяет мне моментально загрузить эти видео в свой блог, и юность, чтобы вы, сэр получите мгновенное обновление по рецепту, и начать зарабатывать большие доллар в недавно открытом кафе.

До тех пор, вот Jeff подписания отправились на ужин в Пак Li Kopitiam с очень дружественной Nuffies ..

Да я говорю о nuffies, они попросили меня, чтобы сказать привет вам

Translated Copy
Dear Sir,

It seems that the thing that got people here in Malaysia united is their food. They have a wide variety of food here and range from none spicy till very spicy, tongue burning food. "Mamak" seems to be the terms everyone is using every night and these idiots seems to be enjoyed dining in open spot even if there's air-conditioned area. I tried and their food is really tasty and one wouldn't even mind if you are sitting by the drain. As instructed I've recorded a few of their local dish recipe for your reference.

Thank God I have my Sony Bloggie with me for the spy recording. Not only it allows me to Zoom in 4x closer but it also aided me in recording a HD quality pleasure for your viewing pleasure. It also allows me to instantly upload these videos into my blog and youtube so that you, Sir will get instant update on the recipe and to start making big buck in your newly opened cafe.

Until then, here's Jeff signing off for a supper at Pak Li Kopitiam with the very friendly Nuffies..

Oh ya talking about nuffies, they do asked me to say hi to you

With the soon to be release, would Salt be making big worldwide? From the trailer itself it seems to be very, and I do mean VERY interesting..
 No point guess now and we shall see how interesting the movie is later when it is released here in Malaysia. For time being, what will you do if you are a Russian Spy?


Vin Tsen Gan said...

Very creative! =D Hope to meet you at the screening! *keep finger cross*

Aimi A.Z said...

Cool-lah ini entry. Good Luck! :P

Michelle Madden said...


Liz ^^, said...

This is really cool !!!! haha

Would I sound like such a noob if I asked "How'd you DO that????" XD

All the best ! Hope you have a strong chance of winning !!! :D

Fallen Angel said...

@Liz nah.. no harm asking.. well it required some basic understanding of the web coding and some logic change.. still interested?

@Michelle @Aimi @Vin hope to see you all there too..

MichLeong said...

Wah! So cool! I want to know how! :)

suhaisweet said...

Anyway Nice..Visit mine if u free friend.. Bloody Day!

Iriene said...

Wow, I just love it, it is fantastic!
Good job, hope you win :) Do drop by to support my blog, tks.

Jeremy said...

damn!!! It was cool man....surely u will get urself the tixs ( as usual ) enjoy...

Nana Eddy said...

waaaahhhh!! best nye!! lols.

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Hey there saw you just now bust with your girlfriend so didnt go say hi. Nice to meet you somehow and all the best for Salt ocntest!

Fallen Angel said...

@Mich It is very simple actually but I think I need more creativity instead of this to win :p

@suhaisweet thank for dropping by too =)

@Iriene yeap I will.. thank for dropping by too

@Jeremy wa bro.. I'm not contest king.. everyone have a fair chance..

@Nana TQ :D

@TianChad thank for the comment =)

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