Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Despicable Me

Sigh, yet another hated day.. Have to choose between 3 movies namely Despicable Me, Predators, Twilight  Saga - Eclipse.. and in the end t his is what I go for
I wanted to watch Despicable Me simply because of the minions,
not only they are cute and funny, they do look like a twiggies too.. yum yum
First off, would like to apologize if I'm writing a rush entry as I've been busy lately, and you might notice not only am I not active in Facebook and Twitter but also in contest too.. My work load and idiotic customer is killing me.. Also forgive me not having the time to pass my invitation to you readers too and have to get it burned.. Time is really what I need now, even if it is just an extra second.

Despicable Me tells a story about a super villain guy who turns out to be weak in his field.. But still he decided to do the crime of the century by stealing a moon, little did he know that there's more than just competitor that came across his way..
Overall it is an enjoyable show with quite a dull opening, or at least is not as your expectation.. But things started to pick up later on the show.. Probably because you haven't seen it from the evil trailer yet.. Yes trailers are evil, they are always the contributor to your movie spoiler..

Rating: 3.5/5


Jeremy said...

heard the movie was good in 3D.....yet Toy Story 3 is the best animation for the year ( surely will grab Oscar nxt year )

Fallen Angel said...

@Jeremy whether or not Toy Story 3 will grab the Oscar we will have to wait and see.. Yeap it was good in 3D but personally I think it could be better..

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