Saturday, July 3, 2010

Biotherm Product Launch @ ChillOut Subang Parade

Last week, I got myself RSVP to the launching of Biotherm new product at ChillOut Subang Parade.. Since I have extra ticket, and since Jung Jeng is back on vacation, since he is also free, since we have not hang out together for quite some time, since I'm feeling generous, since I asked, we ended up together in the event..

We reached early and was not allow to enter the premise yet, so we head over to the opposite mall, Empire Gallery I think. It was new, it was huge, it looks classy but that was all just the appearance, once I step in, ya it is just another ordinary mall..
When it is almost time we head back and there's already a queue..
It was rather long wait just to register and spent around 20min there o.0 One thing for sure, when we were there, we tried to locate the place and it took us around 5min to find the name ChillOut, and that is simply because this is the ONLY unit doesn't follow the sequence number.. With the unit number, looking for it is also a pain in the arse..
They should have this 'foot step' sticker since the main entrance =.=
Say hi to our very shy friend here..
Well it is kinda budget event I must say and not only the stage is small, it was rather hot too cause it is an open air event
The 3 spotlight of the night.. Biotherm claimed that it have 'crazily freezing' below 3 degree of cooling to your face.. Hmm.. sound good eh??
Waited for an hour and yet to see any sight of the event starting.. and guess what I did?
I started shooting NBTD (Nothing Better To Do) stuff -.-" Too bored wey.. MC is chatting with his friend, others are drinking their bottle happily but I don't drink T.T and there's no food, very hungry wey..

Finally they started with some intro and pose
Followed by some mini game and lucky draw
 and bye bye o.0 what.. done already? Aww.. Too bad I didn't win any prize, so I left straight after the lucky draw, cause we need to get our dinner, and need to get it fast.. There goes my Saturday..


Charmaine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charmaine said...

LOL our photos looks almost da same eh?

Fallen Angel said...

@Charmaine Lol.. Guess that's only what/where attract people to shoot..

shi zhan said...

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