Saturday, July 10, 2010

Feeling @live on Friday Night

A special thank to Blup Blup not only for the very exclusive invites to a very special night but also for the overwhelming welcome that every guest arrived..
Since I'm a noob when it comes to late night entertainment, I actually enjoyed my night there at @live with nice and cozy ambiance..
Each person gets 5 complimentary housepour drink which is a hoo-haa for you alcoholic lovers..
Oh ya for the first time in my event attending experience the organizer was early and they make sure everything goes better than planned! Serious, no shit!! All thank to Simon , the very down to earth handsome behind Blup Blup..

The food we ordered was probably one of the simplest dish but yet one of the tastiest one too! We ordered spicy potato fries, grill tuna, and garlic fried rice.. Call me tasteless, but I really love the garlic fried rice..
As time goes by, crowd was pouring in even time is ticking off.. and here comes the party, there's a live band performance and they are really good with the song they sang.. Impressive..
 They were energetic and make the crowd hyped up.. Sadly I had to leave earlier and would love to go there again to catch up with what I've missed out..

Oh ya also saw Tian Chad, Ewin, Smashpop, Jason Ong there.. Sorry guys for not coming over to say hi cause I'm kinda shy.. Lol..

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