Saturday, July 10, 2010


What's a better way to kick start my morning than a preview screening of Predators at GSC 1Utama?
Before that would like to praise the GSC team @ 1 Utama for the restriction on denying underage patrons.. After all the movie does have negative guideline direct and indirectly..

This time, the predators is no longer VS aliens but instead they are experimenting the humans to find out how they could improve themself and become a greater hunter..

I don't know about the hardcore fans but the movie leaves quite a number of question mark on audience because it doesn't really explain how and why, it just focus on its plot.. Which is good and bad for different audience..
I've read the reviews about this movie before I watch it, and since majority are praising it so I'm expecting some wow moment but it didn't came.. It is a good action movie because it is battling all around the clock, but plot wise, just average..

Rating: 2.5/5


::aMaD:: said...

Does this movie somehow related to predator v alien?? I've been wondering so..

Jeremy said...

the movie was kinda dissapointing. AVP was better than this....Im underage so I downloaded the film. The quality of the film was so so la.....better SEE ORIGINAL

kenwooi said...

looking forward to watch it soon =)

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