Friday, July 2, 2010

Triple Tap

I've watched half year of Premier Screening now, and I hope there's more screening on the 2nd half of the year.. Triple Tap is yet another Hong Kong movie
and it is staring Louis Koo
and Daniel Wu
So would two hot hunk make a successful movie? Yes and no..

Here's why it is a NO for you
- If you are in hoping for action
- If you are not big Hong Kong movie fans
- If you don't even know who the 2 lead actors are
- If you want a relaxing movie

and here's why it is a YES to you
- If you love Louis and Daniel
- If you love mater mind type of movie
- If someone treated you to the movie :p
- If you've watched all others movie but this :p :p

Well it is kinda typical type of its genre.. and also whenever there's this mastermind in such movie, there's the same glitch..

However the plot was rather predictable (provided you are familiar with such movie) but still enjoyable..

Rating: 2.5/5

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