Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inception - Just Brilliant

Skip the premier of Inception cause I have another screening that clashes on the same night. So I went and watched StreetDance instead.. You can find out what's my thought about the movie here (

So saw quite a number of bloggers during the Inception screening and among them are Rebecca Saw, Yih Yann, Momo, XiangCool, Josh Lim, Amelia, Jason Ong, and Victor Wong

From the same person who brought to you Dark Knight and Prestige, now Christopher Nolan is bringing the audiences into some place where we've already familiar with, the dream world..
Weird dream, sick dream, dirty dream, wet dream, we all had dream, but this is more than that, it is an entire new level of dream.. It is really a master piece and mind blowing movie that should worth every ringgit from your pocket..
 A little SPOILER here.. not entirely actually, just a brief introduction so that you don't think it is a crappy movie judging purely from the trailer like my friend did (but worry not I've managed to poison her to catch the movie :p)

The plot is about a team of people acquired a set of very unique skills that allows them to be able to manipulate / steal anything from a dream.. How? Who? Why? is for you to find out..

Rate: 5/5

Really worth watching it again and again, 5 over 5 star is actually under rated!


Jeremy said...

really wanna watch this film...BTW looks like you have so many types of dreams....

cablay said...

Spoiler Its a great movie can't wait for part 2 LOL

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