Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toy Story 3

What a last minute to secure myself 2 invitation to the movie Toy Story 3. Was at a cafe discussion some serious business, it was then I receive a SMS notification at around 6PM.. Wow luckily I'm not a fully scheduled person, so there I go, off to GSC Mid Vally to catch the final chapter of Toy Story 3.. Since it was so last minute I didn't even have the time to invite any guest, so one of the ticket got burn just like that :(
Well that was the first surprise. The second surprise happen right after I redeemed my ticket. I heard someone shouted my name, and I turn, it was Robb from Nuffnang.. Wow really amazed because never knew they actually recognise not only me but also remember my name.. Cool..

Anyway while there were a bunch of other bloggers who manage  to went to the media screening of this movie, and their rating were kinda high, me on the other hand thinks otherwise.. Here's why..

First off I'm not saying Toy Story 3 ain't nice, but I personally felt that it could be further improved in terms of the effect and the joke.. Lucky me I get to watch this in 3D and to my surprise, the 3D effect in the movie ain't up to par with the effect in the logo and a short film before the movie start.

There were more drama than comedy scene in the movie, and most of the laughter came from the credit scene.. Maybe they wanted something more thrilling in this installment thus they focus more on the plot and the drama.. Ain't bad if you ask me, judging from the dramatic view..

Rating: 4/5

Yeap that's right, despite the lack of 3D effects, it is still a must watch movie of the year.. After all you can opt not to go for the 3D Screening..

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