Friday, June 11, 2010

Some Tips for your HTC Desire

If the HTC Desire's AMOLED screen is the first thing that caught your attention, then it would be the last thing to make you bored!

Just before we get into the details of the phone, there's something that I would like to share with you guys on HTC Desire.. You might or might not have know it still I will be posting it!

#1 - Clean your room screen
 The urge to unbox HTC Desire on the spot when the phone is pass to you is highly undeniable, that is why there's finger print all over the screen.
It wouldn't take you long to turn your phone into something as illustrated because the screen is spaciously wide and there's too many things for you to explore.. So how to get rid of those finger print? Well you know, you don't want to play CSI with your partner.. Imagine what is he/she found out there's others guy/girl's finger print there? How are you gonna explain to him/her that she is not the first person to touch after you? Here's how, you will need
Cut a small chunk of the sellotape and paste it into your dirty screen..

Peel it off and viola

Clean as new.. Repeat the steps all over your phone and soon you will get a clean new phone.. Bravo!!

 #2 - On the go
 With so many things to explore / play and so less time to do so, it is always smart to carry and idle your Desire and resume to the same state when your time permit you to do so.. This sadly might drain more power than usual.. What happen when you are caught in a jam in your car and the AC adapter is at home? Well fret not this tips is here to aid..

All you need is

 Your FM Modulator and of course the USB cable too
Simply connect one end of the cable into your FM Modulator and other end to your phone and viola again.. You did another magic again..

Look it is charging as indicate by the red light and the charging icon right beside the time..

I find this kinda handy as I spend more time in my car than in my cubic back in office.. I can now cramp my finger while in jam or waiting for someone in my car without having to worry that it will run low on battery..

#3 - Scroll it right
As mention on my previous post, with the new sensor trackball it is kinda difficult to scroll around with it..
Please note that you will need to place the area highlighted in green onto the trackball while scrolling instead of the common red area that we usually use..

Personally I still like the old trackball especially the one on HTC Hero
You will see the trackball glow if there's any call / miss call / sms / mms / email / any other notification.. It will blink like how Ultraman blink while running low in energy..

#4 - Who drained my energy?
You don't need any additional apps to find out which program uses most of your battery bar.. All you need is to:
- Press the menu button
- Choose Setting when the menu open up
- Choose About Phone
- Choose Battery
- Choose Battery Use
That will bring up the screen with a list of apps & the % of battery usage

#5 - Upgrade that phone
Like I mentioned before the era of mobile telecommunication has evolved and a phone is no longer a phone.. These little device you are holding on usually have a few feature integrated into one..
That is why smart phone is getting more demand nowadays.. Like other devices, HTC Desire is a stylish and eye catchy box that compute according to instruction given.. Therefore there's no dumbphone, only dumb owner..

To make sure you are not one of the dumb user, you can always upgrade your phone.. That's why it is called smartphone and it can be more beneficial than any other phone that is customized to individual needs.. If you still don't get the idea, then imagine you are able to upgrade the appearance of your GF to Megan Fox, or your BF appearance to erm.. Ashton Kutcher, or any other celebrity you like / stalked, will you want to upgrade?

There's one place where it has all the collection of apps and games for android and it is located in the phone itself.. Simply look for the Market icon and tab on it and you are ready to upgrade..
If Android Market doesn't kill your lust, you can always opt from other source, and my choice would be
- XDA Developer
- Phandroid

Do share with me what are your MUST HAVE APPS / GAMES on your android phone..

Now with these guide, I hope more or less you are getting ready for more advance usage of the phone.. More to come.. Would appreciate if you guys can leave a comment on what you wish to see in the next review.. Thank in advance


Wei Hao aka WevHez said...

Pretty good guide! Check out my Blog too at

Ken said...

I know this is quite old, but is a vibrator tied to that ancient Motorola Phone?

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