Thursday, June 10, 2010

The things I hate about HTC Desire

Just in-case you guys didn't now that there's this link where you can click and view on the unbox video I did in my earlier post, here's a recap

1) Breaking the seal

2) Get Everything Out

3) Get em' naked

4) Look around the phone

5) Switching it on

Have been playing with my Desire and honestly have been poison by the phone.. The experience is like having Megan Fox in your room everyday XD

However like every superhero, this super phone do have some weakness too (at least it is applicable to me if not everyone).. and here are the things that I dislike most on HTC Desire

#1 - The AMOLED Screen
This seems to be conflicting to what I review earlier saying how nice the display was.. It is nice and crystal clear display, but if you try to navigate with your finger on the naked amoled screen, you will find it hard to really navigate around.. This happen because your finger tend to cling/stick/glue to the screen when you try to slide from one side to another gently.. So what can you do to overcome this? You will need these
Yes a screen protect, not to only protect the screen from finger print and getting scratch, but also to aid in smooth usage experience

#2 - The heat
Weather is getting hotter each day and so does these advance gadget.. Gadget nowadays no longer serve a single purpose but instead it is an all-in-one gadget.. Therefore heat is quite common when you are running apps that require high processing power.. I don't technically 'hate' HTC Desire for that but I just wish there's a way to overcome this issue in near future

#3 - The Trackball
The new HTC Desire has a new type of trackball, a sensor one I guess
The trackball to me however is not a user friendly as the one we have in other phone, take example HTC Hero.. The reason is because I can barely scroll up or down and also left or right.. I would rather use a direct touch onto the screen instead.. I also notice that you need an accurate finger placement to get rib of the frustration that I had..
Note that the red area is the zone that you should not use to scroll on the trackball.. The only part that works and fit well with the trackball is the green zone (at least for me, again), and this somehow is not convenience for people who are used to the trackball.. If you have a phone with trackball, try scrolling it with your thumb, you will then notice that is it the red zone that you use most of the time to scroll..

#4 - This is what I can't tolerate most!
HTC Desire is addictive, and I'm high on Desire too.. I really can't imagine how my life would be once the review period is over.. I would have to go back to my old phone!!! I will go Orz without the HTC Desire!!! What's an Orz??

That's right guess I will organize an peacful Orz protest for creating such addictive phone!!

On serious note, the display is really amazing, and I do not wish to create an HTC Desire vs iPhone here but I've tested running few videos side by side on both phone and guess what's the outcome??


Dawn Rhythm said...

wow... the phone is thin and amazing... will get one soon, nice review!!

Smartphone/PDAs said...

The HTC Desire is a really good phone and a realistic iPhone contender HTC Desire Cases will help to protect and defend it.

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