Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's unbox HTC Desire together

Hey guys, I think most of you guys are having a Monday blues today hope what I'm about to post doesn't pile up to your blueish Monday..

Anyway there's no need for me to go into details on what I'm gonna post on this entry as the title did the job for me already.. I'm not gonna torture you by forcing you to go through the entire unboxing process, that's why I purposely break it into few portion and you may just click on the part you wish to view most in any sequence you like.. Can I hear some applause for that? :p

Click on the image below to view the unboxing process..

**Pssstt... You can view all the video in my youtube channel too

Now that you have unbox HTC Desire yourself, it is time for me to poison you further with some still image
The stylish and very slim HTC Desire.. Felt in love with the first touch.. I think it perfectly blended into my palm..
Uh-oh it looks like thunder storm is making its way..
Security pattern lock to make sure that your friend, sibling, partners, whosoever don't read and view your content without your permission or supervision..
A view from HTC Desire's 5 megapixel camera.. You can actually pinch on any area of the screen to focus on.. o.0 woot..

First Impression
The very first thing that caught my eye when I boot the sweet device up was the 3.7" Amoled screen.. It is so huge and it project crystal clear  graphics..  Here's a sample photo taken by it's camera
Cool eh?? But Desire is not all about camera, it is about endless features with powerful processor.. As I play along I notice that every swipe I make, every button I press it was all so smooth without even a second delay (okay okay maybe there was some milisecond delay, but the point is you barely notice it), and it has a bigger keyboard that fits my rude and rough thumb..
Like the 'bugman', this gadget is everybody's desire

Haven't really gone through everything yet and shall do so within the next few days.. So guys do stay tune with me ok? If you have anything to share, feel free to drop me a comment, would really appreciate it..
Sorry tiny guy, I know the keyboard is too spacious for you :p

Oh ya I tried the GPS thingy but it seems that to use connecting to the GPS takes forever (Someone told me it took 10 minute just to connect), and this is one thing I should really stress test as my old phone (also HTC) took around 5minute +-

Until then, do comment where I can improve too as this was my very first formal review :D


Ewin Ee said...

wa hhhhh sooo nice wan can get HTC. yer
so nice

have fun with it.

bryanlyt said...

haha yalor so nais get HTC :P

have fun abusing it! ;)

Fallen Angel said...

@ewin @bryanlyt well it is not officially mine.. but will try to make it mine.. buahahahaha.. Instead of abusing it I prefer molesting it.. lol @.@

Robin Ng said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am about to get this phone!

Yih Yann said...

Ni jiu hao laaaaa

Fallen Angel said...

@abi indeed it is.. should I leave hero for desire?? Hmm...

@Robin trust me, you will regret if you still have second thought.. Quickly grab it.. Is really worth while getting it.. I've been playing with the phone for almost 2 days now and have charged for like 4-5times and yet I've not finish discovering yet.. There's plenty of apps / game to download from htc market..

@YihYann sadly the phone is not mine.... yet :(

Mr Lonely said...

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