Saturday, June 19, 2010

Live Wallpaper for HTC Desire

Argh.. I tend to miss out stuff that I'm suppose to post quite often, especially during this Maxis10Reviews period.. Never mind, at least I remember now which is still during the review timeframe :D

So it seems that HTC Desire or rather Android supports animated wallpaper.. Some say it is cool while some said is a waste of energy and I have to agree with both..

While it is cool to have fancy moving object at the background, this feature might not seems to be eco-friendly as it is an energy sucker.. But hey who doesn't want to be cool and caught under the spotlight for a positive reason?

I find this Live Wallpaper for Android rather special, there have the normal type of live wallpaper and also the rare type.. Not only the rare one react to the phone sensor but also to your voice too! How much cooler can you get?? View the video for some quick demo

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