Sunday, June 20, 2010

HTC Desire wrap up

In case you are still looking for the specification of the phone here it is (source:

HTC Desire Full Specification:

  • 3.7-inch AMOLED touch-sensitive screen
  • 480 X 800 WVGA resolution
  • 1 GHz processor
  • Android 2.1 Operating System
  • HTC Sense
  • ROM 512 MB
  • RAM 576 MB
  • Optical Trackball
  • 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and flash
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Wi-Fi
  • 3G connectivity
  • Upto 2 Mbps upload speed
  • Upto 7.2 Mbps download speed
  • microSD memory card
  • Proximity and light sensor
  • GPS
  • Digital compass
  • FTP/OPP file transfer
  • 3.5 mm stereo audio jack
  • Audio Formats – AAC, AMR, OGG, M4A, MID, MP3, WAV, WMA
  • Video Formats – 3GP, 3G2, MP4, WMV
  • Upto 7 hours talktime
  • Upto 360 hours standby time
  • 1400 mAh Battery
The HTC Desire is equipped with 1GHz processor and this have added a great improvement from all its previous phones.. It could be easily spotted with the smooth navigation...

The other attraction from this phone is that it is the AMOLED display.. I could bet with you that everyone who first saw the display will go Woah!!! My friend who just recently bought a Nokia X6 felt that her phone too can portrait such display but after testing it, it was of course totally out of the league.. Even a friend of mine who is using iPhone 3Gs is amazed with the display..

To make things better, HTC Desire is pre-built with friendstream and twitter and facebook, so that you could start updating your status right after you gotten your Desire.. It also allows you to easily keep track of your friend's update..

The 5 mega pixel camera however have a mix review.. It allows user to tap on the area to be focus and you can leave the rest of the job to the camera.. It was also equipped with a flash and was definite a need especially when you are snapping photo at night.. On the other side, the digital zoom feels like there's not much different from the origin mode.. Here's an example of a sample photo taken from the same distance between the 2 mode..

Without Zoom & Without Flash
With Zoom & Without Flash

and for the flash there is nothing to hooha about as it was just the normal flash, and doesn't have the flash synchronization  feature.. Here's a sample on flash testing

Without Flash
With Flash

The little features that come with the camera setting was sufficient enough for simple photography, and if you want to have more special effect you could always upgrade it by installing some plugin for that..

Once of the scene available in the built-in function.. Awesome eh??
An important note here is that this camera has been a great improvement as compare to HTC Here, not sure about HTC Legend and Mini though as I don't have access to such phone just yet..

The trackball was kinda difficult to navigate with, at least not until you discover how you could instruct it as commanded.. But once you are used to it, you will not find it hard anymore.. I wonder why they replace it with the trackball from HTC Hero..

It might seems weird (or some said ugly) at first but it was very, and I do mean very finger licking good friendly..

 There seems to be a minor flaw on the multitouch AMOLED touch screen.. I don't know if it is the apps that I installed that is at fault or was it really an undetected issue.. But rest assure, cause there's no flawless device, every perfect phone comes from the experience of an issued face before its predecessor..  This flaw however wasn't that noticable and is still bearable and it will go undetected up to mild user.. For hardcore user you might notice this few times but it doesn't really interrupt you unless of course you are onto gaming on your device..

You can find a library of apps from Android Market, and there are tones of fundamental apps done and ready to be used.. However if you were to compare to iPhone, it is still lack of plenty of 'customized' apps.. What I mean is that there were still many of useful apps to be develop on the market.. Apps like the arrival of next bus / lrt might seems to be useful as you could plan your journey/time, and plenty more.. If you are a smartphone user for quite some time I'm sure you could easily list out a few that is not available yet on the Android Platform..

HTC Desire is more than just fun.. It aided me with my work too.. I'm able to access to my office workstation or my server to troubleshoot or to retrieve important stuff from basically any part of the world as long as I'm connected to the Internet..

The sad part of this Maxis10Reviews programme is that it has come to an end.. My sweet date with desire have to end here right after midnight.. Sob sob.. So it is up to you guys to judge whether I have what it gets to owe the phone or not :p Or maybe I should tell em I drop the phone and it has now become this
:D Nah it is just an apps and never did I allow my Desire to be placed on a dirty surface.. For some other details about the phone you could always go through my previous entry.. Thank you for supporting and I appreciate it all..


    Anonymous said...

    I'm a HTC user, and a HTC lover. Was so much attracted in Desire...until i found out there are no 2nd camera = no vid calls :(

    Smartphone/PDAs said...

    The HTC Desire is a really good phone and a realistic iPhone contender choose HTC Desire Cases for protection

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